NTEX land transports

Combining personal relationships with rapid growth

Comstedt, a Gothenburg-based wholesaler within the marine industry, has always aimed to provide their customers with timely and high quality service.

The company was founded in 1983 and is a leading supplier in many of its product categories. After having worked with NTEX since 2007, the company is very pleased with the cooperation.

– NTEX handles our imports, mainly shipments outside of the EU. The company always delivers and the use of land, sea or air transport meets all our needs, says Stefan Andersson, purchase och logistics manager at Comstedt.

Because of the short season for fishing and recreational boating, one of Comstedt's challenges is managing a large number of shipments during a brief but intense period each year. When something unexpected happens, NTEX is there to resolve the situation.

– Through the personal contact we have with each person responsible, NTEX always solves problems that arise along the way, offering a flexible package solution, he says.
Stefan appreciates the personal relationship that NTEX maintains with Comstedt, something that has not changed over the years despite NTEX growing at a rapid pace.

– We greatly appreciate working with a company that puts the customer first and that are always available to us.

– Even when a shipment requires special attention in order to save as many shipping days as possible, they have handled this very well, he continues.

Stefan believes that the most important qualities are good personal contacts, a wide range of services and good prices with logistics and transport companies.

– The company meets all of these criteria and always go "the extra mile" for us, building a long lasting customer relationship in the process.