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Published 22 mars 2022

“Everything from the container crisis to the EU Mobility Package is changing the logistics industry as we know it.Manufacturing companies will want to relocate and warehouse in countries like Turkey, making NTEX's presence there crucial for current and potential customers,” says Patrik Edvardsson, responsible for NTEX’s business in Turkey.

Since December 1, 2021, NTEX has started doing business from Turkey, with Patrik Edvardsson in charge. Patrik has workedin the industry since 1985 and has in recent years – apart from Turkey – worked closely with the Eastern European market.His long experience in both the industry and the region allows Patrik to identify challenges for the market in the coming years, while at the same time identifying opportunities for NTEX.

 “Our expertise and extensive experience make us well prepared. NTEX are specialists in developing the best and most optimal solutions through close dialogue with the customer. This is something I believe will become more important in the future,” says Patrik. 

Competent Partner Broadens Our Offer

Thanks to its geographical location, Turkey also serves as a hub for the Middle East. There, NTEX works alongside its partner Nordic Logistics Systems, which provides cross-trade business, domestic and international transport, warehousing, and customs clearance services. Special and express deliveries are also offered. Together, NTEX and Nordic Logistics Systems has roughly 65 vehicles in the country. 

 “We have a great partner, who, among other thing, has a solid expertise in customs issues, to which they have full access. Together we also offer sea transport for our customers, which allows them to tailor their transport flows and combine road and sea if they wish,” says Patrik. 

Through Nordic Logistics System, NTEX has offices and terminals in Istanbul and Izmir. On the export side, customers include telecom, paper, steel, and machine parts. On the import side, clothing makes up a large part, as well as steel structures and plastic items.

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