Scanroad France successfully integrated in NTEX

Published 9 april 2022

In June 2021, NTEX acquired Scanroad France, and according to Franz Durot, Managing Director, they bring several benefits to the organisation, such as an established network in France and a strategic location in Europe. Meanwhile, Scanroad also benefits from being part of a larger organisation and will soon switch name to NTEX France.

Franz has worked at Scanroad since 1997 and will be staying as Managing Director of the operation in France. Strategically headquartered in the city of Lille, close to the Belgian border and the Nordic countries, Scanroad has worked with transport since 1990. According to Franz, NTEX’s acquisition of Scanroad France comes with several strategic advantages. 

“The French market works differently compared to some other markets in Europe, for example the Swedish market. With Scanroad in the organisation, NTEX gains an extensive knowledge over the country’s transport industry, together with an established network,” says Franz Durot. 

NTEX France is specialized in groupage. The Nordic countries constitute the largest part of the business, but as part of the acquisition, they are set to expand their transport lines to other markets in Europe.In the future, the plan is to manage even more of the logistics coming from Sweden. In France, NTEX employs 18 people, out of which 5 work as drivers, with an additional 20 drivers as sub-contractors. Apart from groupage, full loads make up a significant part of the business. 

“Joining NTEX was a great choice for us, and we’ve had a great cooperation since the acquisition. The market has changed in the last years, and as part of a larger organisation we can continue to grow and deliver. We are now focused on the Scandinavian market. However, being part of NTEX will help us in the future when we will expand to other markets, such as the UK,” says Franz Durot. 


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