Overtime ban Gothenburg


The collective negotiations between Sveriges Hamnar and Transportarbetarförbundet have unfortunately not reach an agreement. All ports in Sweden have been given a strike warning from Transportarbetarförbundet.

The warning means that no overtime or employment of new staff (use of temporary work force pool) will be allowed from 28/5 00:01 and until the conflict have been resolved. Some ports have in addition been selected for 24 hours full strike with all activities closed down.

Gothenburg RoRo Terminal is like all other ports targeted by the warning and this will reduce the operational capacity dramatically. Consequences will be delayed departures and that not all cargo can be shipped. We highly regret the effect this will have for our customers.

A mediator have been appointed in the negotiations in order to achieve a satisfactory solution for the conflict


We will revert with more information as soon as we have any updates on the situation.