Notice for new industrial actions from Dockworkers Union


Notice for new industrial actions from Dockworkers Union, sec 4, at APM Terminals Gothenburg

During Friday 23 December, APM Terminals Gothenburg received notice from the Dockworkers Union, section 4, of prolonged industrial actions. The notice includes limitation in use of pool workers (Blixt), no overtime and no new hire. The new actions takes effect 6th January and last until end February.

It is very regrettable that our customer and our business again are impacted by the Dockworkers Union again chose the strike actions as mean, rather than continued dialogue with the employer without such pressure. The situation is very complex, and despite APM Terminals having collective bargain agreement (CBA), follow laws and regulations, the business is yet again disrupted caused by a union that chose to stand beside the “Swedish model”.

APM Terminals is willing to continued dialogue and deliberations with the Dockworkers Union, in order to try finding local solutions and openings to the locked position, which has been ongoing for more than 9 months. Latest APM Terminals showed this willingness by offering the Dockworkers Union a tie-in of existing CBA, which not have been offered locally before. This gesture was strongly refused by the Dockworkers Union. With this in mind, APM Terminals call upon the national union parties and the legislators to find long-term sustainable solutions to the problems in the port of Gothenburg being the most important cargo hub in the Scandinavia.

In week 50, APM Terminals informed and gave notice to all of its unions about the necessity to reduce staffing. This as a consequence of the loss of volume the strike actions in spring and summer have resulted in, and given the uncertainties in the market. The liner network for 2017 is still unclear and negotiations are still ongoing with several customers and alliances. The notice so far concern 29 permanent employees, both blue and white colors, plus a number of time bound employments. Negotiations concerning redundancies will commence with the CBA holders in January and are expected completed within February.

As terminal operator, we have a long-term focus of the operation and ownership of the terminal. Despite receiving new notice for industrial actions and the necessity to downsize, the ambition from APM Terminals is still to reach a long-term solution via dialogue with all employees at the terminal.

Best regards
APM Terminals Gothenburg AB