Published 23 januari 2024

Due to repeated attacks by the Houthi movement in the Red Sea since November 19, we provide a brief update on how it affects maritime traffic.

Impact on Shipments: The situation primarily affects all current and future shipments through the Suez Canal, as well as shipments to/from Saudi Arabia and southern Egypt. Shipping companies are opting for an alternative route around the Cape of Good Hope, resulting in an expected two-week delay.

Shipping Companies' Actions: To avoid passage through the Suez Canal, many shipping companies are choosing the longer route around the Cape of Good Hope. All shipping companies have implemented an additional "Red Sea surcharge" on the affected routes.

Expected Port and Container Shortage: Due to containers being off schedule from planned timetables, a global container shortage is anticipated, particularly on Asia-Europe routes.

We urge our customers to book as early as possible to minimize the impact. Expect an extended transit time of approximately 2-3 weeks.

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