26 januari 2024

Presidential Visit May Affect Delivery Times in Stockholm, Malmö, and Lund on January 29–31, 2024

We would like to inform you that the French President, Emmanuel Macron, will be visiting Stockholm, Malmö, and Lund on January 30–31, 2024, potentially affecting traffic in these areas. The two-day visit will take place in Stockholm on January 30 and in Lund and Malmö on January 31.

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25 januari 2024

Stike Notice in Finland 1-2 February 2024

Finnish Transport Workers Union, ATK have notified of a strike taking place in Finland 1-2 February. The strike will include terminal workers and local drivers.

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23 januari 2024


Due to repeated attacks by the Houthi movement in the Red Sea since November 19, we provide a brief update on how it affects maritime traffic.

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19 december 2023

Urgent information RED SEA AND SUEZ CANAL

Recent targeted attacks on commercial container carriers in the Red Sea, stemming from the Israel/Palestine conflict, have prompted major container carriers to take precautionary measures. Incidents include near misses and direct missile attacks on vessels.

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