Ntex hjälper Gents med deras logistik

Trouble-free special orders

Gents AB was launched in 2002 and is today the largest online store for men in Sweden. For the last 18 months, NTEX has been the company's logistics partner. Johan Lindell, franchise manager at Gents, discovered NTEX through the internet and approached the company.

– They manage their client relationships in a good way and are committed to their customers, he says.

Gents AB order products, mainly from the US, China and Italy, but also from India and Pakistan. Due to the long distances, most of the goods is carried by sea, but in the case of orders requiring immediate delivery, air freight is used.

All that Gents AB needs to do is to communicate what needs to be transported, from which location, and the delivery address. NTEX takes care of the rest.

– Our imports of large quantities of perfume constitutes one of our biggest challenges, since we face restrictions in air transportation because of the increased fire hazard. NTEX solves this problem for us, all we do is send them the order and what it contains, says Johan Lindell.

Johan mentions a special incident: During the winter of 2013 there was a production delay in chairs, custom-ordered from the US for the new Gents AB barbershop in Helsingborg.

– The manufacturing dragged on and we needed the chairs to arrive before the official opening date. While I was extremely stressed out, this was never a problem for NTEX.

– We received the chairs on time and everything worked out great. It only took a few days and really exceeded my expectations.

To Johan, the most important thing is the standard of NTEX communication and shipping.

– NTEX has a smooth ordering system.

– NTEX is a company that has stripped away all unnecessary hassle and instead focus on satisfying customer needs, he concludes.