Cooperation an important factor

Published 11 april 2022

Bobi Dociovski, Business Area Manager East, which includes NTEX's operations in Poland, works at NTEX in Gislaved, Sweden. Several projects are currently in the pipeline to meet the ambitious growth targets in Poland. Among other things, they are looking for new facilities, as well as new distribution solutions. The cooperation with NTEX’s offices in Poland is an important feature to ensure growth.

“In order to meet our 2022 targets, we will introduce 10 new trucks with our very own drivers in our fleet. This will help us meet capacity, as well as guarantee quality,” says Bobi Dojcinovski. 

A large range of goods are being transported between Poland and the rest of the Nordic countries. Customers include Arctic Paper and Väderstad. The operation is located in the city of Gdynia on Poland’s northern coast, and includes offices, terminals, and warehouses. Together, the company employs around 30 people.

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