Office relocation marks a new step for NTEX and Eurolink in Germany

Published 28 februari 2024

In a strategically planned move, carried out in mid-February, NTEX in Germany took a significant step forward by switching offices from Lübeck to more spacious premises in nearby Travemünde.

The new building, located at the port house at Skandinavienkai, not only signifies a refreshing new start for the team but also provides excellent opportunities for deeper integration with Eurolink, who have been part of the NTEX family since 2022.

Moving closer to Eurolink at the port area in Travemünde opens up for close and effective collaborations. The office premises, covering approximately 80 square meters, not only offer an improved working environment but also better conditions for cooperation and synergies between the two companies.

One of the most significant changes is the proximity to Eurolink’s terminal, which can now be utilized by NTEX. This terminal, functioning as a Cross-dock warehouse, enables smooth deliveries and efficient transshipments.

The team in Travemünde, consisting of Marcus Fedder, Dirk Lange, Yvonne Dettman, and Michael Fabisch, plays a crucial role in the transports between the Scandinavian countries and Germany. Their daily work is characterized by transshipments, deliveries, and close customer contact. Through the relocation, they have the opportunity to further strengthen NTEX’s presence and service quality in the region!

“When we decided to become a part of NTEX, we were keen on allowing to evolve together step by step and deepen gradually. Having NTEX right next to our office in Travemünde creates opportunities for further synergies, which of course is very positive,” says Eurolinks CEO and founder, Roy Hansson.

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