NTEX is investing in sustainability: Meet Karolina Skeppner, newly appointed Manager Sustainability, Quality and Environment at NTEX Group

Published 5 april 2024

Karolina Skeppner, Manager Sustainability, Quality & Environment NTEX AB

Karolina, our newly appointed Head of Sustainability, Quality & Environment at NTEX Group, brings a rich experience and fresh perspective to NTEX. With only three months in her job, she has already delved into challenging and exciting tasks, and is helping to drive the company towards a more sustainable future.

Right from the start, the days have been filled with several major tasks, from conducting a thorough sustainability report for 2023 to overseeing ISO audits. Despite the initial whirlwind, Karolina’s enthusiasm remains unchanged as she continues to familiarize herself with NTEX operations.

Karolina’s role in Ntex is crucial in shaping strategies and commitments in these areas. The demands both on ourselves, from society and from our customers are becoming increasingly specific and demanding, so a comprehensive and measurable management is essential to achieve our goals and be a professional partner.  To achieve this, Karolina stresses the importance of collaboration across the organization, and the rewards of leveraging the combined knowledge and expertise of the rest of the NTEX team to steer towards higher stakeholder value creation.

And in relation to this, Karolina is optimistic and highlights her impression of NTEX so far: A culture of curiosity, competence and commitment that permeates the organization. She has noted the genuine interest among colleagues in promoting NTEX sustainability work and emphasizes a positive and supportive work environment. The employees are the most valuable resource, she emphasizes. By using our collective expertise and passion, we create alignment across different subsidiaries and markets, leveraging the benefits of a multinational presence.

Karolina’s professional background spans sixteen years in supply chain management, with a diverse experience that includes supplier development, purchasing strategies and internal auditing for ISO and IATF standards. The transition to a dedicated focus on sustainability and quality reflects her personal interest in contributing to positive organizational development and process improvements. This is really rewarding work in several areas, says Karolina enthusiastically.

There is no getting away from the fact that there are both opportunities, but also challenges in the logistics and transport sector in general. Karolina is committed to the need for coordinated action at all levels of the value chain – from suppliers to customers to supporting political frameworks and infrastructure. The road to a sustainable industry requires that the pieces fall into place in several areas, but we can all take responsibility and do our part on the way there.

NTEX, with Karolina spearheading efforts, aims to work diligently towards becoming a focused contributor in sustainable transport and logistics solutions, grounded in robust strategies and transparent reporting. One step along the way for our new manager is to lead initiatives to strengthen sustainability knowledge within own organization, communicate goals effectively and implement data-driven measures that are in line with EU regulations and international sustainability goals.

In other words, our new manager for quality, environment and sustainability has more than enough tasks to tackle. And when asked what she perceives as her greatest achievement to date, Karolina reflects on her commitment to sustainability as an important contribution but says gently that “I live to know that I haven’t done my best performance yet.”

We at NTEX are happy to have this lady on the team and look forward to an exciting sustainability journey!


Soon we will publish our latest Sustainability Report – stay tuned!

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