NTEX in Poland 10 years: From a one-man office to over 40 employees

Published 5 december 2023

It all started when Maciej Klukowski picked up the phone in January 2013. Three months later, NTEX in Poland was born – initially managed by Klukowski himself in its early stages, and now flourishing with a team of over 40 individuals.

Maciej Klukowski, now the CEO of NTEX in Poland, had just left his previous job and was uncertain about his future. Among the opportunities he received, none really appealed to him. However, he received a tip from Paweł Braciszewski – now also one of the key individuals at the NTEX Poland office. Pawel talked about a Swedish freight company with operations in several countries, including Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Maciej found the tip interesting and dialed an unfamiliar Swedish phone number. He requested to speak with someone responsible for establishing new offices outside of Sweden and was put in touch with the right person.

A week later, NTEX’s founder and CEO had made his decision, and three months later – in April 2013, the journey began. In September of the same year, NTEX in Poland expanded its team with Paweł Braciszewski, Magdalena Guzińska, Dagmara Zyntek, and Dominik Fedorek.

10 years later – these have been the success factors.

While the NTEX group celebrates 20 years, the Poland office can proudly boast of 10 successful years. Paweł Braciszewski attributes the consistently positive results to making the right choices in their recruitments.

“We have good people here. The mentality in our office is that we always want to improve, and the relationships among us are very good. We have a well-functioning collaboration,” says Paweł, a sentiment echoed by Maciej Klukowski.

“When it comes to structures and policies, we are a medium-sized company, rather than a large corporation, even though the NTEX group has grown large. This means that we depend on flexibility and good relationships, which we definitely have here.”

Dominik Fedorek emphasizes that none of what has been built up would be possible without hard work, a which Magdalena Guzińska and Dagmara Zyntek agrees with. Regarding the future, NTEX in Poland looks forward to moving to its new office, expected to take place in early 2025.

“And we hope to have even more colleagues as well,” concludes Dagmara Zyntek.

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