NTEX continues its climate investment with biogas

Published 9 september 2022

In close cooperation with Gasum and Volvo Trucks, NTEX is taking another step towards reduced carbon dioxide emissions by rolling out four gas-powered trucks.

“NTEX is constantly investigating different ways to take a forward position in the ongoing climate transition. In a life cycle, biogas-powered trucks reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1,980 tons compared to running on diesel, so it is clearly a step in the right direction, says Thomas Ström, NTEX CEO and founder”.

With a range of approx. 700 kilometers, two of the four new gas-powered trucks will roll between Gothenburg and Stockholm for NTEX Inrikes. The remaining two rolls between Oslo and Gothenburg on a daily basis delivering for Tingstad. Biogas means more affordable operation and tangible climate benefits for NTEX customers.

“It is very gratifying that NTEX is taking this step. By refueling 100 percent biogas, the same carbon dioxide is used repeatedly. We have an infrastructure of gas stations, so in the future NTEX can also drive the cars around all of Scandinavia, says Claes Westling, Sales Manager at Gasum”.

Volvo Trucks also sees several significant benefits from the investment. Josef Hansson, sales representative at Volvo Truck Center, praises the NTEX decision and predicts a bright future for biogas:

“We are proud to be able to contribute to a faster transition to sustainable transport together with NTEX. With liquid biogas in the tank, transport becomes fossil-free, while the performance remains unchanged, says Josef”.

NTEX trucks have been running on HVO diesel for several years, and earlier this year the company invested in its first electric truck. More collaborations and initiatives are being discussed and may become relevant for NTEX. The truck will be refueled at Gasum’s stations, and the fuel card is locked to liquid biogas (LBG), which is produced from biodegradable waste and is 100 percent renewable.

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