Global Network Improves Efficiency for NTEX Customers

Published 6 maj 2022

In addition to being Business Unit Manager Air & Sea, Jerry Nilsson is the Global Network Manager for NTEX’s maritime and aviation partnerships. In his role, he ensures that NTEX establishes collaborations and partnerships that together can provide the best possible transport for customers.

“NTEX must offer personal service to its customers. That’s why it’s important that we work with the right partners, who we know of and get to know well throughout our partnership,” says Jerry.

How do these networks improve the service for NTEX’s customers?

“Thanks to our networks and their combined local knowledge, we can offer the best and most cost-effective solutions. We access this local expertise through our agents, as they act as our extended arm and sounding board. Both NTEX and our customers can rest assured that every effort is being made to meet customer expectations,” says Jerry.

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