Flexibility Is Key at NTEX Estonia

Published 22 juni 2022

In addition to international imports and exports, NTEX Estonia transports goods all over Estonia NTEX Estonia consists of four dedicated colleagues with a flexible mindset and a rich background in logistics and freight forwarding.

“Our flexibility is what makes NTEX so successful,” says Risto Alliksaar, Operations manager at NTEX Estonia.

The starting point of NTEX Estonia was the acquisition of VTS AB in 2009, and the company has now been active on the Estonian market since 2010. Today, the office consists of four dedicated team members. Risto Alliksaar is responsible for traffic between Estonia and Finland, Aire Tamm is responsible for invoicing and accounting, Siim Kaasik is responsible for traffic between Sweden and the UK, and Veronika Semjonova assists the Swedish Gislaved office with traffic between Sweden and Finland.

“We offer domestic full-truck and part-load services as well. NTEX’s cooperation across Europe and our international connections and partners is the key to our success,” says Risto.

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