Skanska and NTEX collaborate on transport solutions

Published 26 april 2023

At NTEX, we are happy to be a transport supplier for Skanska, and have had a chat with Leif-Martin Henriksen, Category Manager, Logistics at Skanska about the cooperation, needs and advantage of an agreement for such large projects.

Skanska Norway is one of the country’s largest and leading contractors, with large and complex projects within the business areas Building, Construction and Real Estate Development. Skanska also has a business area defined as Specialists, with companies such as UCO and Husfabrikken.

As an advocate for equal competition conditions and seriousness in the construction industry, Skanska is committed to ensuring that the transport of materials and equipment for the projects is carried out in a sustainable and safe manner in accordance with the EU’s mobility package and HSE requirements.

Skanska handles extensive international transport for new water supply tunnel in Oslo project

Particularly relevant for Skanska in connection with transport from abroad now is the ongoing project for the City of Oslo with a new reserve water supply from Holsfjorden to Huseby. A 19 km tunnel will be operated here using two fully electric tunnel boring machines (TBMs). TBMs each have a diameter of 5.2 meters and are approximately 310 meters long.

The collaboration with NTEX is proving to be a valuable resource for Skanska

– Without fixed agreements, transport situations in our industry are relatively unclear.

– Our industry buys goods with essentially “freely delivered” terms. In cases where transport is not included in the price of the goods, we ask the supplier to arrange for the purchase of transport on our behalf, which can be costly and entail risk for us as the buyer.
We have experienced challenges with suppliers who do not have transport as their core business, which makes it difficult to achieve good conditions and ensure that the transport is carried out satisfactorily. There may also be challenges related to VAT and customs, where the wrong load can create additional work and challenges for us, Leif-Martin says.

After starting our cooperation with NTEX in 2022, we have incorporated standardized and good operational routines for our transport assignments. This has been particularly important in situations where there has been a need for rapid adaptation and collection abroad. Through a transport broker agreement with NTEX, we have gained access to expertise and resources in transport and logistics that have made our transport situation easier and more efficient.

And the choice fell on NTEX because?

NTEX was chosen as the logistics provider for Skanska because of the ability to deliver on the safety, ethics and seriousness requirements that are important to us. NTEX also had well documented responses to this in the tender process, which was an important factor in the choice of bidder. In addition, it was important for Skanska to find a supplier who could help get the goods to Norway with the least possible resistance. Through good booking routines, we believe we have found a good solution where all the practicalities are taken care of by NTEX, in addition, we experience that we ensure the focus we have on both quality and costs for our transport assignments.

A direct and open line of communication with operative personnel

An important prerequisite for Skanska in choosing a transport supplier was the possibility of direct communication with NTEX personnel who are “hands on” on the assignment. When we ask Leif-Martin how he feels we solve challenges that arise along the way, the answer is that this direct communication, together with flexibility, is an important reason why Skanska has so far not experienced any major challenges in the collaboration. With NTEX as a partner, Skanska has found a supplier that takes care needs in a good way.

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