Long term agreement for train circulations from Italy to the Netherlands

NTEX UK have signed a long term agreement for 3 company train circulations per week from Melzo, Milan to Rotterdam.
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The first phase of NTEX Norway’s move completed

At the beginning of this month, NTEX Norway moved into its new premises in Vestby, near Oslo in Norway. The new 28,500 sqm building was built by the logistics property company Logicenters.

Cooperation an important factor

Bobi Dociovski, Business Area Manager East, which includes NTEX's operations in Poland, works at NTEX in Gislaved, Sweden. Several projects are currently in the pipeline to meet the ambitious growth targets in Poland. Among other things, they are looking for new facilities, as well as new distribution solutions. The cooperation with NTEX’s offices in Poland is an important feature to ensure growth.

Scanroad France successfully integrated in NTEX

In June 2021, NTEX acquired Scanroad France, and according to Franz Durot, Managing Director, they bring several benefits to the organisation, such as an established network in France and a strategic location in Europe. Meanwhile, Scanroad also benefits from being part of a larger organisation and will soon switch name to NTEX France.

Well equipped for the challenges ahead

“Everything from the container crisis to the EU Mobility Package is changing the logistics industry as we know it.Manufacturing companies will want to relocate and warehouse in countries like Turkey, making NTEX's presence there crucial for current and potential customers,” says Patrik Edvardsson, responsible for NTEX’s business in Turkey.

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