When you accept your cargo you must proceed accordingly:

  • Check the cargo and packaging condition
  • Check if the quantity of the cargo matches the freight document
  • Sign the freight document accordingly

If the cargo is damaged or something is missing you must proceed accordingly:

  • Accept the cargo
  • Note your remarks / reservations on the freight document and sign
    (see below under remarks)
  • Call NTEX if something is missing
  • Promptly send in the claim via e-mail or post (see below under claims)
  • Reduce future damage to the cargo if possible
  • The freight document is a valuable document


Your remarks on the freight document should indicate any damages or missing cargo. This gives NTEX the opportunity to investigate how this has incurred to prevent it happens again.


If the cargo is not noted as damaged until it’s unpacking you must notify NTEX within 7 woring dags of receipt. Reporting damages within this time can stille be claimed as transport damage if NTEX can not prove otherwise. If you should make a claim after 7 working days it is expected that you should prove damage has occurred during transport. All claims should be finalized wihtin one year of reciept of cargo.

You should attach the following documents:

  • Freight document / CMR.
  • Your invoice from the company that sold the goods or other document that strengthens the value. Incoterms should be stated on the invoice. This strengthens and sets the right of complaint for the goods owner.
  • Invoices about the goods by agreement with NTEX have been repaired or replaced
  • Other documents to settle the damage correct, e.g. photos

NTEX will investigate the damage accoring to NSAB 2015 (including CMR and VTL) and STIF – terminal regulations 2011. Then we will contact you.

If you have a product insurance, you must report the damage to your insurance company for a quicker treatment. Therefore NTEX allways recommended you to be insured.