New sulphur Directive - January 1st 2015



Dear client,

You may be aware that from January 1st 2015, the new EU Sulphur Emission Directive 2012/33/EU will become law. This directive requires all applicable vessels which enter the SECA (sulphur emission control area) to reduce the content of sulphur in fuels from the current 1.0% to 0.1%.

To meet this demand the shipping lines must operate the vessels on MGO (Marine Gas Oil) instead of the current bunker type, HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil), or invest in cleaning technologies, for example, scrubbers.  No matter what option the Shipping Lines choose, costs will increase as a result of the new directive.

Unfortunately, NTEX will have to introduce a SECA surcharge from the 1st January 2015 in the relevant markets. We will ensure this surcharge is completely transparent towards the cost increases we receive from our suppliers. More information will be provided when we have an overall picture of how this will affect the different markets.

For further information or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your local NTEX office.

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Dan Ericsson


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Latvian road tax


On July 1st 2014 a road tax on main state roads was introduced in Latvia. The tax will be charged trucks (goods vehicles) and their combinations having the gross vehicle weight exceeding 3500 kilograms and which are intended or are used for the carriage of goods by road.  The purpose of the new tax is to facilitate and fund the maintenance and development of Latvia's main state roads and to encourage use of more environmentally friendly vehicles.


Regrettably, it will be necessary for us to charge as per outlay. The following fees will apply on all transports to and from Latvia:

0.10 Eur / 100 kg (maximum Eur 15).

For further information please contact your local NTEX office.

Changes in ferry connections Stockholm - Riga


Tallink Silja Line has decided to charter out Silja Europa, this entails changes of vessels on Tallink's current lines.

On route between Stockholm and Riga Tallink will have reduced capacity in form of bi-daily service and limited number of trailerslots. This will have a major impact on our daily traffic between Sweden and Latvia. We are doing our outmost to find alternative routes and to minimize the impact on lead times and prices.

For further questions please contact our Gislaved office.

Tel: +46 (0)371 58 87 70


See below information from Tallink:

Cargo information

New schedule


Sailing schedule IMM/GOT


UK Traffic - Changes in sailing schedule due to Easter holidays

Immingham - Gothenburg

  • Departure Thursday 17th - cancelled
  • Departure Saturday 19th – will discharge Gothenburg 10am Monday 21st

Gothenburg – Immingham

  • Departure Friday 18th - cancelled
  • Departure Monday 21st - cancelled

For further information please contact our customer service.

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