Information to NTEX customers regarding the Corona virus (Covid-19)



Health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is our highest priority. This means that we closely monitor the development and statements made by relevant authorities in the countries concerned. 

NTEX has also introduced an internal policy on how we should act (see extract below).

  • Employees who feel sick should, just as always, stay at home and notify the manager
  • All business trips and physical customer visits must be cancelled, this applies for meetings from March 13th until further notice.
  • All other physical meetings should be kept to a minimum. (This also applies to truck drivers etc.)
  • From March 13th the company also strongly discourage all private travels.
  • And as always, we encourage common sense and general good hygiene routines.

Our services
As most of you have heard, some countries have decided to close their borders. So far this does not apply to transports of goods and utilities. However, the increased border controls may lead to delays and increased costs in the transport chain.We are doing everything we can to maintain our high service but since lead times can be affected with short notice, we may not always be able to notify all customers as promptly as we normally would, in all situations. As a result, additional costs may rise. We sincerely hope for your understanding and we will of course do our very best to keep these situations to a minimum.

We are closely monitoring the development and will continuously provide updates on this page. 

Best regards,


Cancelled ferries Finland


Dear customer,

Kapellskär evening departure this evening (1.5. at 21:30) and Naantali morning departure tomorrow (2.5. at 10:45) are cancelled due to technical problems with Finnfellow.
We regret the inconvenience and will inform you as soon as we have more information.
Finnfellow departure 1.5. at 10:45 from Naantali has been discharged in Kapellskär. 

Updated traffic information England


Unfortunately, we must announce that the situation in Gothenburg's RORO port has deteriorated rather than improved. DFDS Gothenburg RORO Terminal can not get the resources they need to unload and load the vessels.
At yesterday's sailing to Immingham only a portion of the ship was loaded, which increased the already big backlog that existed after the weekend's problem. Both exports and imports are affected by this and will continue to be affected during this and next week.
For more information contact your regular contact person!

PL/CEU- Info regarding cancelled voyages


We kindly inform that due to extremely bad weather conditions many of the ferry departures has to be canceled.


We wish to inform you that following voyages are cancelled due to technical issues:

From 16.03.2018 until 23.03.2018 MV Baltivias voyages are cancelled, from Ystad at 17:00 and from Swinoujscie at 01:15


The above will be a disturbance to our traffic next week, but at the moment we do not know how big.




On top of bad weather in Scandinavia and the UK, we are now experience further delays on the North Sea.

The ships are struggling in bad weather and arrivals, both to Sweden and England, are delayed.

We expect this to continue for some days.


Your normal NTEX contact have more specific details.

Delays in UK, because of the weather


Due to adverse weather in the UK we are experiencing severe delays today. The forecast is for more snow over the next couple of days so the situation will not improve whilst next week leading to possible delays into next week whilst we clear  the backlog of cargo. 

Possible strike action Finland


See below for info from Finnlines

Five ports (Oulu, Kokkola, Rauma, Naantali and Turku) have received an industrial action notice from the Finnish Seafarers' Union FSU and the Transport Workers' Union AKT. According to the notice, the aforementioned unions organize a strike concerning tower crane operators and port supervisors, their members, starting on Monday, 29 January at 6 am. The announcement did not set a limit to the duration of the strike. The unions also state that if the employer in one way or another subcontracts work under the industrial action, they are ready to take supporting measures.

Finnlines informs its customers about the possible impacts of strike with traffic infos.

Finnlines Plc,, FinnLink Traffic - Cancelled departures


Dear customer,

we regret to inform you that due to current weather conditions, we will be forced to cancel departures.

The following departures will be cancelled due to heavy winds:

TUE 16.1. Kapellskär 09:15

TUE 16.1 Naantali 10:45

At the moment we unfortunately cannot predict when it will be safe to depart. We will get back to you asap with more information.


We ask you to drive up to the harbour only when you have a confirmed space onboard, not before.

We regret any inconvenience caused by the safety measure taken.

Malfunction in our phone platform


We currently have a malfunction in our phone platform. The supplier tries to fix this as soon as possible.

Mail for booking or questions about transport.

VGM (Verified Gross Mass) Statement


As previously announced, the new SOLAS container weight regulation will be implemented by International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on July 1st 2016.

To simplify handling due to the the new regulation NTEX have issued a VGM Statement. This must be signed by shipper's authourized contactperson and accompany all sea freight shipment as from July 1st. You may find the statement below.

VGM (Verified Gross Mass) Statement FCL

VGM (Verified Gross Mass) Statement LCL

Any shipping container leaving from any port in the world must be accompanied by a shipping document verifying gross mass (VGM) of a container in order to be loaded onto a ship. 

For more information please contact our Sea freight department.
Tel: 031-727 85 80

Best Regards