The NTEX journey has only begun

About NTEX

The above heading should read "About You", because that is what we are all about - You and your business.

We exist because of you. By providing the most competent and knowledgeable agents in the industry, we can make your life easier by offering more convenient and safe transportation solutionsRegardless of whether we are talking about global sea freight, air freight, or road transports to the UK, Norway or continental Europe. And not just during office hours, but around the clock, seven days a week - We call it 24-7. 

No single solution fits all

Our tailor-made transport solutions are the crucial difference between us and the large industry players. Instead of forcing you to accept a "one size fits all"-solution off the shelf, we base our offering on what you need, when you need it, and with all the flexibility you need. This has been our philosophy ever since the beginning in 2003.

Download a copy of NTEX business presentation in PDF here:

Business presentation


NTEX quick facts

Here are some quick facts that may give you an even better idea of our business and who we are. In addition, don't forget to look around the rest of the website.

Founded in 2003

NTEX is a privately held company, founded in 2003, with head offices located in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are currently some 250 employees.

Multiple Offices

In addition to our Gothenburg head office, we have offices in various Swedish cities. We also have international offices in the UK, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland and Poland.


Our 2014 revenue was SEK 1000 millions and our expected revenue for 2015 is SEK 1100 millions.

Our own warehouses

NTEX have warehouses in Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Gislaved, as well as our own 650 semitrailers.


NTEX is AEO-, IATA-, ISO14001-, ISO9001 certified as well as security approved freight agent for aviation.

Many assignments

NTEX currently has about 3 500 clients and manage approximately 140 000 consignments every year.